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제목 [아리랑 TV] Introducing OLED fibers, the light-emitting threads
글쓴이 관리자 작성일 2015-09-11 16:09:17
Date 2015.09.11

 A Korean team of researchers has developed OLED fibers capable of emitting light directly, presenting new potential in the field of wearable displays. Existing forms of wearable displays are unflexible an separate units attached to clothing, making it impossible to retain the properties of the textiles and limiting their applicability in the real world. The team addressed this problem by developing fiber-based OLEDs that retain the properties of fiber while emitting light. We find out about this new technology that is expected to bring us one step closer to wearable displays in our daily lives.links : 

이전글 [Asian Scientist] Fiber-Like Polymer LEDs Developed
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