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[International Conference] Oxide TFTs on Fabric Substrates for Wearable Displays
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Junhong Park, Eungtaek Kim, Woo Jae Jang, Byoung-Cheul Park, Sin-Hyeok Kang, Sang-Hee K. Park and K

SID 2015, March , 2015


vol , no , pp



Transition metal oxide TFTs were fabricated on afabric substrate for wearable display. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) wasemployed to reduce process temperature. The gate electrode (Ti/Al/Ti) wasdeposited by thermal evaporation. The gate insulator and channel layer were Al2O3and ZnO, respectively. Ti/Al was deposited by thermal evaporation to make thesource and drain contacts for ZnO TFTs. The TFT fabricated on the fabricsubstrate showed TFT driving behavior with the following performances: μFE= 0.6 cm2/V-s, on off ratio = 9.07102, Sub-threshold Swing = 1.725 decade-1, Vth= -1.57 V. The results confirmed that it may be feasible to apply our lowtemperature fabrication of TFTs using the ALD process to wearable displaysbased on fabric substrates.