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[International Conference] Improved Cell Proliferation Effect on the Human Fibroblast by the Irradiation of Aging Processed PLEDs
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Hyuncheol Kim, Yongmin Jeon, Hye-Ryung Choi, Seungyeop Choi, Seonil Kwon, Kyoung-Chan Park, and Kyung Cheol Choi

Display week 2019 (SID 2019), May , 2019


vol 50, no 1, pp 1624

In this study, two types of PLEDs were utilized for an in‐vitro test to verify the effect of solution‐processed OLEDs on cell metabolic activity. As a result, there was no cytotoxicity on any of the irradiated fibroblast cells, and an improved cell proliferation effect of about 109% was obtained.