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[International Conference] Efficient quantum dot light-emitting diodes by reducing oxygen vacancies of ZnO nanoparticles with recycling process
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Ho Seung Lee, Dohong Kim, Jun Hee Han, Tae-Woo Lee, Somin Lee, Duk Young Jeon, and Kyung Cheol Choi

Dispaly week 2019 (SID 2019), May , 2019


vol 50, no 1, pp 1666

A recycling process was easily carried out with just centrifugation to reduce the number of surface defects of ZnO nanoparticles, which are widely used as the electron transport layer in quantum dot light‐emitting diodes. The proposed process was successfully applied to improve device efficiency. Therefore, the results demonstrate that this new method has good potential to reduce waste material and improve material properties.