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[International Conference] High-Mobility ITGO Thin-Film Transistors on a Flexible PET Fiber for Wearing Display System
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Chan Young Kim, Young Ha Hwang, Seong Uk Kong, Sang-Hee Ko Park, Kyung Cheol Choi

IMID 2020, August , 2020


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Recently, in the field of display, there are increase attempts to realize next-generation electronics based on 3-D free form with flexible and stretchable characteristics, away from 2-D film-based electronics. With this alternative, there have been continuous attempts to implement electronic textiles (E-textile) by using ‘fibric electronics’ of 1-D cylindrical structure that shows ideal multi-directionally flexibility. If these 1-D fibric electronics are woven as fabric, it is expected to be introduced as a “wearing display” rather than a “wearable display”. If so, it is essential that implement a high-performance fibric thin-film transistors (TFTs) for controlling the lighting devices.

In this study, we tried to fabricate high-performance ITGO based fiber TFTs by using vacuum deposition system to all layers, including the ITGO thin film as active layer. The ITGO is known as a new candidate for metal oxide semiconductor materials because ‘Sn’ can act as a matrix element in ternary oxides instead of ‘Zn’ in indium-gallium-zinc (IGZO), the most common oxide semiconductor. The ITGO thin film was deposited by RF sputtering and optimized with different oxygen partial pressures. Fig. 1a shows phpoto image of the ITGO based fiber TFTs that were fabricated on a 500 μm diameter PET monofilament fiber with a top-gate structure. Fig. 1b shows transfer curve between flat glass based and fiber absed ITGO TFTs for evaluating electrical properties. As a result, ITGO based fiber TFTs fabricated on a flexible PET monofilament fiber with excellent electrical properties; a saturation mobility of 8.4 cm2/Vs, on/off ratio of 1.15108, SS of 151 mV/dec, and a stable gate current of low 10-9.