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[International Journal] Distance-Dependent Plasmonic Enhancement via Radiative Transitions of Europium Complex
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S.M.Lee , Kyung Cheol Choi

Optics Letters, April , 2013


vol 38, no 8, pp 1355-1357

We elucidated the distance-dependent plasmonic effects on radiative transitions from an Eu 3+   ion-doped phosphor by varying the thickness of the dielectric spacer. Magnesium oxide prepared by electron-beam evaporation was chosen for the dielectric spacer. Spectral overlap between emission from Eu 3+   ions and the plasmon band of Ag nanoparticles led to improved luminescence intensity. This luminous enhancement was effective within the area of influence by localized surface plasmon resonance. At a long distance, the plasmon-enhanced luminescence was not effective. In addition, the numerical analysis results were in good agreement with the distance-dependent decay characteristics of plasmon resonance.