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[International Journal] (Frontispiece/Best paper of AOM in 2013) Blur-free outcoupling enhancement in transparent organic light emitting diodes: a nanostructure extracting surface plasmon modes
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Chung Sock Choi , Dong-Young Kim , Sung-Min Lee , Myung Sub Lim , Kyung Cheol Choi* , Hyunsu Cho , T

Advanced Optical Materials, October , 2013


vol 1, no 10, pp 687-691

A nanostructured transparent organic light emitting diode (TrOLED) with a periodically perforated tungsten trioxide (WO3) layer is proposed to improve the light extraction efficiency of TrOLEDs. The embedded nanostructure enhances the outcoupling of the waveguide modes and the surface plasmon mode. Improved outcoupling efficiency can be achieved with negligible influence on the transmittance or optical clarity.