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[International Journal] Plasmonically Enhanced Optical Characteristics From Europium Organometallic Complex
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Jeong Bin Shin , Seong Min Lee , Myeongcheol Kim , Dong Hyuk Kim , Duk Young Jeon , and Kyung Cheol

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, December , 2013


vol 25, no 23, pp 2342-2345

We demonstrated that the plasmonic effect can enhance the photoluminescence of the europium organometallic complex in conventional organic light emitting diodes stack from an anode to emissive layer with solution processing. The aggregated gold nanoparticles (A-Au NPs) were incorporated in poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) layer to increase the luminescent quantum efficiency of the emissive layer. An enhancement of 31% was achieved in the emission intensity at 614 nm for samples with A-Au NPs. The reduced exciton lifetime measured by time-resolved photoluminescence comply with the Purcell effect. These improvements are attributed to the localized surface plasmon of A-Au NPs increasing the electric dipole transition rate from Eu3+ ions.