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[International Journal] Simultaneous synthesis and patterning of graphene electrodes by reactive inkjet printing
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Kukjoo Kim , Sung Il Ahn , and Kyung Cheol Choi

Carbon, January , 2014


vol 66, no , pp 172-177

Reactive inkjet printing (RIP), a single-step process for micro-chemical reactions and arbitrary patterning, was applied to fabricate reduced graphene oxide (RGO) films. Graphene oxide was successfully reduced to RGO through the RIP process. The printed RGO films showed moderate conductivity and transmittance. LED operation with reactive inkjet-printed RGO electrodes was also demonstrated. By utilizing this printing method, we can drop additional reducing steps and obtain directly patterned RGO instead, which suggests that reactive inkjet-printed RGO would be feasible for use as transparent electrodes to replace indium tin oxide in displays and photovoltaic devices.