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[International Journal] (Frontispiece) Photo-Insensitive Amorphous Oxide Thin-Film Transistor Integrated with Plasmonic Filter for Transparent Electronics
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Seongpil Chang† , Yun Seon Do† , Jong-Woo Kim , Bo Yeon Hwang , Jinnil Choi , Byung-Hyun Choi , Yun-

Advanced Functional Materials, March , 2014


vol 24, no 23, pp 3482-3487

A novel amorphous-indium-gallium-zinc-oxide-based application with stable switching characteristics under negative bias illumination is shown. Metallic nanohole-based plasmonic filters are used for tuning the spectrum of the ambient light source, and the photosensitivity of the a-IGZO-TFT is investigated within a selectively controlled spectral range. The suggested thin-film transistors show greatly improved stability even in a negative bias illumination stress environment