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[International Journal] Reduction in Angle Dependence of Plasmon-Enhanced Transmission through a Nanostructured Metal Layer
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Sung-Min Lee and Kyung Cheol Choi

IEEE Photonics Technology letters, January , 2015


vol 27, no 1, pp 3-6

Angular responses of optical transmission enhanced by surface plasmon-polaritons (SPPs) in a metal layer are investigated. Propagating SPPs on a continuous metal layer with nanostructures depend on in-plane momentum; thus transmission peaks associated with those SPPs are inherently affected by the incident angle. Here we report that SPP-enhanced transmission peaks can become less dependent on the incident angle by introduction of deep nanoindentations, based on numerical simulations and experiments. Field localization at indentation patterns allows propagating coupled SPPs to have properties of localized SPPs, which appears as a form of flattened SPP energy band. Spectral transmission in a fabricated silver layer with deep nanoindentations shows comparatively fixed peak positions when the incident angle increases.