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[International Journal] Surface plasmon assisted nanolithography with a perfect contact aluminum mask of a hexagonal dot array
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Eun Sung Kim, Yong Min Kim, and Kyung Cheol Choi

Plasmonics, October , 2016


vol 11, no 5, pp 1337-1342

Surface plasmon lithography has been considered as an alternativetechnique for high resolution patterning. However, implementation demands highcost and challenging fabrication steps. Here, we report nano-patterningassisted by surface plasmons with a perfectly contacted mask using colloidallithography. A nano-scaled aluminum mask was fabricated using closed packedpolystyrene spheres with a simple, fast, and low cost method, and the loss ofsurface plasmons wave was reduced by the perfect contact between the mask andthe photoresist. A photoresist pattern of two dimensional hexagonal annularring arrays was produced by illuminating light of 436nm wavelength and thewidth of the obtained annular ring was approximately λ/6. The simulationresults showed that the proposed structure had a sufficiently high contrastvalue for lithography and the fabrication patterns and the simulation resultspresented a good agreement.