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[International Journal] Reduction of graphene oxide film with poly (vinyl alcohol)
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S.I.Ahn, K.J.Kim, J.R.Jung, K.Y.Kang, S.M.Lee, J.Y.Han, Kyung Cheol Choi

Chemical Physics Letters, February , 2015


vol 625, no 1, pp 36-40

Graphene oxide (GO), products with various proportions of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), was characterized to obtain verified patterns of reduced graphene oxide. FT-IR spectra indicated that PVA could lower the reduction temperature of GO by at around 70 °C. New peaks near D band and overlapped G band in the Raman spectra appear to indicate that some parts of PVA interact with GO. The sheet resistance of GO/PVA showed that the GO/PVA ratio was optimal between 1/0.25 and 1/2. Using GO/PVA, we printed a line on PET, and after annealing at 140 °C, it achieved a resistance of 23 kΩ/cm.