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[International Journal] Metal-containing thin film encapsulation with flexibility and heat transfer
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Jeong Hyun Kwon, Eungtaek Kim, Hyeon-Gyun Im, Byeong-Soo Bae, Ki Soo Chang, Sang-Hee Ko Park and Kyung Cheol Choi

Journal of Information Display, June , 2015


vol 16, no 2, pp 123-128

The thin-film encapsulation (TFE) technology is a salient technique for the realization of flexible organic light-emittingdiodes. To reliably fabricate bendable and lightweight displays, ultra-thin and flexible encapsulation is required. Reportedherein is a moisture-resistant, flexible, and thermally conductive TFE technology created by inserting a metal thin filmwith an inorganic–organic multibarrier structure to resolve the reliability and heat dissipation issues. Silica-nanoparticleembeddedsol-gel organic/inorganic hybrid nanocomposite (S-H) and Al2O3 were used as organic and inorganic materials,respectively. A silver (Ag) thin film used as a metal was deposited through thermal evaporation, and it had slight barrierproperties, outstanding ductility, and high thermal conductivity. The proposed structure, which consists of three materials,resulted in a low water vapor transmission rate of 10−5 g/m2/day for a 240-nm-thick thin film, and showed improvement ofthe resistance to bending stress compared with the previous structure formed without an Ag thin film in terms of flexibility. Acomparative analysis of the heat transfer properties of encapsulation structures was also performed through the investigationof the thermal conductivity of the materials, and thermal imaging measurement. The heat dissipation performance wasconfirmed to have been improved by the insertion of Ag thin films into the inorganic/organic multibarrier