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[International Journal] Pattern distortion analysis of surface plasmon interference lithography using line grating structure on photoresist
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Yong Min Kim, and Kyung Cheol Choi

IEEE transaction on nanotechnology, March , 2016


vol 15, no 2, pp 220-224

Photolithographyhas a resolution limit of the incidentwavelength that is generated by the diffraction of light. Surface plasmon (SP) is a recently proposed nanolithographytechnology that overcomes this diffraction limit. In this paper, we focus onthe fabrication process in order to utilize SP with a direct grating structure, andwe compare the simulation and fabrication results: the pitch of the expected patterns is 120 nm inthe simulation results and 121.5 nm in the calculation results. Therefore, thefabrication results establish that the periodof the patterns is 115 nm. These results demonstratethat it is possible for photolithography to use SP.Furthermore, the random horizontal patterns in the fabrication results areanalyzed, and it is found that the patterns result from the mask side distortion. Therefore, reducing the mask side distortion using othertechniques could enable clearer line patterns in surface plasmon interferencelithography.