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[International Journal] Highly conductive and flexible color filter electrode using multi-layer film structure
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Jun Hee Han, Dong-Young Kim, Dohong Kim, and Kyung Cheol Choi

Scientific Reports , July , 2016


vol 6, no , pp 29341


In this paper, a new component that servesas a color filter and an electrode simultane-ously is suggested. The suggestedhighly conductive and flexible color filter electrode (CFE) has a multilayerfilm structure composed of silver (Ag) and tungsten trioxide (WO3). The CFEmaintained its color filtering capability even when the films were bent on apolyeth-ylene terephthalate (PET) film. Low sheet resistance of the CFE wasobtained using WO3 as a bridge layer that connects two Ag layers electrically.The sheet resistance was less than 2 Ω/sq. and it was negligibly changed afterbending the film, confirming the flexibil-ity of the CFE. The CFE can be easilyfabricated using a thermal evaporator and is easily patterned byphotolithography or a shadow mask. The proposed CFE has enormous poten-tial forapplications involving optical devices including large area devices and flexiblede-vices.