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[International Journal] [Front Cover] Reliable actual fabric-based organic light-emitting diodes: toward a wearable display
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Woohyun Kim, Seonil Kwon, Yun Cheol Han, Eungtaek Kim, Kyung Cheol Choi*, Sin-Hyeok Kang, and Byoung

Advanced Electronic Materials, November , 2016


vol 2, no 11, pp 1600220

Reliable actual fabric-based organic light emitting diodes are demonstrated by adopting polyurethane films, multilayer barriers, and capping layers to ensure long-term stability toward wearable displays. The devices show both operational and shelf-lifetime of over 1000 h. Also, due to the hierarchical structure of the fabrics, the flex stiffness of the fabric substrates is shown to be superior to that of plastic substrates.