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[International Journal] Use of zeolites in the capture of charged particles from plasma
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Sung Il Ahn, Seong Eui Lee, Sun Ho Kim, Kwan Hyun Cho and Kyung Cheol Choi

Applied Physics Letters , August , 2008


vol 93, no 7, pp 071507

The zeolites NaA and 13X were introduced to a coplanar discharge cell to investigate the behavior of charged particles from plasma. The zeolite crystals were attached to the surface without blocking their nanopores. The memory margin related to the accumulated charged particles on the surface indicated that the zeolites absorb charged particles. This phenomenon was also observed at the displacement and dischargecurrent plots. Zeolites with a different window size cause abnormally high displacement and a saturation phenomenon of dischargecurrents. Note in particular that NaA seems to not only absorb charged particles but also capture gas molecules.