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[International Journal] Low-resistive high-work-function gate electrode for transparent a-IGZO TFTs
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Woo Jae Jang, Myung Keun Lee, Jinhan Yoo, Eungtaek Kim, Dae Young Yang, Junhong Park, Jeong Woo Park, Sang-Hee Ko Park and Kyung Cheol Choi

IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, November , 2016


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Abstract Highly transparent and lowresistive multi-layered gate electrodes, MoO3/ITO/Ag/ZnS (MIAZ)playing as the high-work-function layer, the non-reactive interface layer, thelateral conduction layer, and the index-matching layer, respectively, have beeninvestigated for the application to the transparent oxide TFT. Thetransmittance of the optimized MIAZ electrode is 92.46 % and the sheetresistance is 7.77 Ω/□. The top gate InGaZnO TFT with this gate electrode showsthe mobility of 11.57 cm2/(V∙s) and positive Vth of 0.210V compared to that with single ITO gate electrode of which Vthis  - 0.086 V.