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[International Journal] Microbridge Plasma Display Panel with High gas pressure
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K.C. Choi , G. Saville , S. C. Lee

IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, June , 1998


vol 45, no 6, pp 1356-1360

A microbridge structure based on air bridge technology has been used to make plasma display panels. This microbridge structure has a 20-μm physical gap between the bridge anode and the cathode. The Paschen's minimum for pulsed dc discharges is around 900 Torr for Ne+0.1% Ar and He+Xe gas mixtures, and moves to higher pressures with increasing xenon content. The current-voltage (I-V) characteristics have been investigated over the pressure range of 500-900 Torr. With the pressure between 700 and 900 Torr the microbridge plasma display cells operate in a normal glow discharge mode. The luminance has been measured in a display panel consisting of a microbridge discharge structure combined with an R, G, B photoluminescent phosphor plate. He+Xe mixture discharges in this microbridge plasma display have their maximum luminance at 700-900 Torr