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[International Journal] Distortion analysis of periodic ring patterns fabrication using surface plasmon interference lithography with an Al hexagonal grating structure on glass
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Yong Min Kim, Kyung Cheol Choi

IEEE transactions on nanotechnology, May , 2018


vol 17, no 3, pp 432-436

Surface plasmon lithography has been studied as a method to overcome the diffraction limit, which is the limit of general photolithography. Since surface plasmons are difficult to apply in the planar structure, various lattice structures should be utilized. In this study, a hexagonal Al nanodot structure was used. The surface plasmons generated in this structure were predicted by finite differential time-domain (FDTD) simulation, and the samples were fabricated using colloidal lithography. The results of the surface plasmon lithography were verified by analysis of fabricated samples, and various errors that occurred during the fabrication process were analyzed. We confirmed that the desired pattern could be fabricated by reducing the errors in the fabrication process and that sophisticated periodic patterns could be realized through surface plasmon lithography.