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[International Journal] A New DC Plasma Display Panel using Microbridge Structure and Hollow Cathode Discharge
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K.C. Choi

IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, November , 1999


vol 46, no 11, pp 2256-2260

A newly designed dc plasma display panel (PDP) using a microbridge structure and hollow cathode has been proposed, and its characteristics have been measured. This new plasma display panel operates in an abnormal glow in the current range from 0-50 μA at 500 torr, with an effective internal resistance of 800 KΩ. This means that the internal resistance is high enough that a resistor-in-cell structure is not necessary any more for the dc PDP. The luminous efficiency of the hollow cathode discharge is at least five times as great as that of subnormal and normal glow discharges. The lifetime of the display panel is shown to be quite insensitive to gas pressure in the range of 400-1100 torr because the sputtered materials are trapped inside the hollow cathode