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[International Journal] Improvement of luminance and luminous efficiency using address voltage pulse during sustain-period of AC-PDP
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S.H. Jang , K.D.Cho , H.S.Tae , K.C.Choi

IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices, September , 2001


vol 48, no 9, pp 1903-1910

To improve the luminance and luminous efficiency of a surface-discharge alternate current plasma display panel (ac PDP), auxiliary voltage pulses were applied to the address electrode during a sustain-period. The luminance and luminous efficiency exhibited maximum values at an address voltage of 100 V and pulse width of 1 μs. An improved luminance of 21.4% and luminous efficiency of 24% were simultaneously obtained based on the proper adjustment of the widths and amplitudes of the address voltage pulse. Accordingly, the proper control of the amplitudes and pulse widths of the auxiliary address voltage during a sustain-period can improve both the luminance and the luminous efficiency in a surface-discharge ac PDP.