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[International Journal] Plasma Display Panel with Ne + N2 Gas-Mixture Discharges
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K.C.Choi , B.J.Baek , H.S.Tae , H.D.Park

IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, January , 2003


vol 50, no 6, pp 1440-1444

The discharge characteristics of Ne+N2 gas-mixtures were investigated for possible use in an AC Plasma Display Panel (PDP). The firing voltage increased with an increase in the N2 concentration. When using a near ultra violet excited phosphor, (Ba,Sr)2 SiO4:Eu, the luminous efficiency of Ne+10% N2 gas-mixture discharges under 400 torr was about 20% better than when using the conventional phosphor. The UV intensity emitted from the gas discharges was found to increase with an increased N2 concentration. Furthermore, the UV efficiency increased with an increase in the N2 partial pressure at a low N2 concentration, yet became saturated at a high N2 concentration.