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[International Journal] A New AC Plasma Display Panel with Auxiliary Electrode for High Luminous Efficacy
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K.C.Choi , N.H.Shin , S.C.Song , J.H.Lee , S.D.Park



vol 54, no 2, pp 210-218

A new ac plasma display panel (PDP) for high luminous efficacy is proposed, and its characteristics are investigated. The new ac PDP has a coplanar gap of 200 mum and an auxiliary electrode located between the scan and common electrodes. The periodic pulses are applied to the auxiliary electrode during the sustain period, which plays the roles of enhancing the infrared emission and reducing the discharge current. The sustain voltage decreases with the increase of the auxiliary pulse voltage until 80 V. When the voltage of the pulse applied to the auxiliary electrode is 50 V, the luminous efficacy reaches its peak value and is approximately 8.7 lm/W obtained from the measurement of Ne + 20% Xe gas-mixture discharges in the green cells. The luminous efficacy of the new proposed test ac PDP with Ne + 13% Xe and Ne + 20% Xe gas mixtures is improved by 190% and 320%, respectively, compared to that of the conventional ac PDP with a Ne + 13% Xe gas mixture