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[International Journal] A study on the secondary electron emission from Na-ion-doped MgO films in relation to the discharge characteristics of plasma display panels
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S.I.Ahn , S.E.Lee , S.H.Ryu , K.C.Choi , S.J.Kwon , H.Uchiike

THIN SOLID FILMS, January , 2009


vol 517, no 5, pp 1706-1709

Using a sol–gel precursor, Na-ion-doped MgO was prepared and applied to alternative current plasma display panels (ac-PDP). The cathodoluminescence spectra showed that the F+ center was increased as the concentration of Na+ was increased. Numerous pores were found on the printed MgO surface and seemed to give higher memory margin of ac-PDP compared to an electron beam-evaporated MgO film. All doped MgO showed higher secondary electron emission than printed pure MgO, likely owing to the O defect states of MgO. In addition, this result indicated the operational memory margin of the ac-PDP was directly proportional to the grade of surface charging.