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[International Journal] An Inkjet Printing Method: Drop and Synthesis (DAS) Application to the synthesis of ZnS:Mn nano phosphor with a pattern
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H.Cha , S.I.Ahn , K.C.Choi

Current Applied Physics, June , 2010


vol 10, no 4, pp 109-112

An inkjet printing method was introduced to synthesize materials with a pattern, which have been very difficult to print by normal inkjet printers. Based on the proposed method, ZnS:Mn nano-phosphor was synthesized with a pattern by a chemical reaction with two different reactive inks. The nano-phosphorhad mostly hexagonal-type structures with an average size of 20 nm. Photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence spectra showed an intensity resonance between peaks at 441 nm and 597 nm depending on a capping agent, which means that the Mn2+ ion was incorporated into the vacancy sites ofZnS lattice after the formation of vacancies in ZnS.