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[International Journal] Enhanced Cathodoluminescence from ZnS based phosphor with self-assembled ZnO nano-structures
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S.I.Ahn , S.E.Lee , W.H.Lee , S.H.Park , K.C.Choi

Chemical Physics Letters, June , 2010


vol 493, no 1-3, pp 113-117

Attaching ZnO nano-structures to specific structures of ZnS has been studied with the aim of introduction the combined benefits of each entity. ZnO nano-structures self-assembled on a wurzite ZnS and ZnS:Cu,Cl(ZC) during thermal treatment owing to the high mobility of the intermediate of zinc oxy–sulfide complex.The growth of ZnO on the surface of ZnS based phosphors is known to reduce the cathodoluminescence(CL) intensity. However, the CL spectra from the ZnO/ZC indicate abnormal enhancement of blue CL emission at 440 nm caused by a secondary excitation of ZC due to the effective transfer of photons generated from ZnO.