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[International Journal] Surface Plasmonic Controllable Enhanced Emission from the Intrachain and Interchain Excitons of a conjugated polymer
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K.H.Cho , S.I.Ahn , S.M.Lee , C.S.Choi , K.C.Choi

Applied Physics Letters, November , 2010


vol 97, no 19, pp 193306-1 - 193306-3

We demonstrate selectively enhanced emission by controlling the intrachain and interchain excitons of a conjugated polymer through adjusting surface plasmons. Enhanced light emission from the intrachain excitons was observed by coupling the localized surface plasmon resonance with the intrachain band of the conjugated polymer using Ag nanoparticles. Light emission from the interchain excitons was enhanced by exploiting both the increased strength of the interchain dipole due to the image dipole and the coupling between excitons and surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs). As the Ag nanostructures become complete films, light emission from the interchain excitons increased.