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[International Journal] Improvement of Reliability of a Flexible Photoluminescent Display using Organic-Based Materials
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S.H.Kim , C.Jang , K.J.Kim , S.I.Ahn , K.C.Choi



vol 57, no 12, pp 3370-3376

In this paper, a prototype flexible photoluminescent display using organic materials based on a low-temperature process, in which all steps are carried out at under 100 °C, is proposed and fabricated, and the results are compared with those of a conventional plasma display. The proposed flexible photoluminescent display showed a bending radius of about 5 cm, and microplasma was successfully generated in the panel with about 80 V of sustain margin, and similar characteristics compared with that of conventional plasma displays were observed. In addition, the reliability of the proposed display was evaluated over a long period of more than 30 h, which corresponds to a real operation time of 150 h, considering the acceleration factor, to assess its lifetime. Mechanisms for discharge gas contamination, which is a serious problem for reliability, were proposed, and various methods were suggested and applied to improve the reliability of the proposed display. From the continuous measurement of the luminance of test panels, it was found that the various methods suggested here yielded improved reliability of the proposed flexible photoluminescent displays. Thus, the proposed flexible photoluminescent display shows potential as a future flexible display.