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[International Journal] Thin Film Thermoelectric Module for Power Generator Applications using a Screen Printing Method
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H.B.Lee , H.J.Yang , J.H.We , K.J.Kim , Kyung Cheol Choi , and B.J.Cho

Journal of Electronic Materials, January , 2011


vol 40, no 5, pp 615-619

A new process for fabricating a low-cost thermoelectric module using a screen printing method has been developed. Thermoelectric properties of screen printed ZnSb films were investigated in an effort to develop a thermoelectric module with low cost per watt. The screen-printed ZnxSb1Àx films showed a low carrier concentration and high Seebeck coefficient when x was in the range of 0.5 to 0.57 and the annealing temperature was kept below 550°C.
When the annealing temperature was higher than 550°C, the carrier concentration of the ZnxSb1Àx films reached that of a metal, leading to a decrease of the Seebeck coefficient. In the present experiment, the optimized carrier concentration of screen-printed ZnSb was 7 9 1018/cm3. The output voltage and power density of the ZnSb film were 10 mV and 0.17 mW/cm2, respectively, at DT = 50 K. A thermoelectric module was produced using the proposed screen-printing approach with ZnSb and CoSb3 as p-type and n-type thermoelectric materials, respectively, and copper as the pad metal.