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[International Journal] Thermoelectric properties of screen-printed ZnSb film
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H.B.Lee , J.H.We , H.J.Yang , K.J. Kim , Kyung Cheol Choi , and B.J.Cho

Thin Solid Films, June , 2011


vol 519, no 16, pp 5441-5443

The thermoelectric properties of ZnSb thin film prepared by screen printing technique are investigated, aiming to achieve a low-cost and eco-friendly thermoelectric power generator module. The printed ZnSb thin film, annealed at 580 °C in a furnace tube achieves a power factor of 1.06 mW/mK2 and a Seebeck coefficient of 109 μV/K. The output power density is 0.22 mW/cm2 at ΔT = 70 K. The feasibility of a flexible thermoelectric module using the screen printing technique is also demonstrated.