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[International Journal] Toward Flexible Transparent Plasma Display: Optical Characteristics of Low-temperature Fabricated Organic-based Display Structure
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C.Jang , K.J.Kim , Kyung Cheol Choi

IEEE Electron Device Letters, January , 2012


vol 33, no 1, pp 74-76

We report a flexible transparent display based on a plasma display platform. The test panel was designed to 42-in VGA resoultion since the proposed flexible transparent plasma display is targeted for use in large-area and lightweight displays in order to replace windows. A test panel was fabricated with organic materials, with the exception of an electrode and the MgO protective layer. A polyethylene terephtalated (PET) plastic film was used as the substrated. The maximum temperature applied to PET substrates during the test panel fabrication was 60 ℃. Each inner component had a high transparency of over 90%. The average transmittance of the test panel was 57.5% in teh visible spectral range.