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[International Journal] Relationship between surface plasmon and transmittance enhancement in Indium-tin-oxide/Ag/Indium-tin-oxide multilayer electrodes
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S.H.Oh , S-M Lee , Kyung Cheol Choi

Thin Solid Films, February , 2012


vol 520, no 9, pp 3605-3608

The transmittance of indiumtin-oxide (ITO)/Ag/ITO multilayerelectrodes under various annealing conditions was investigated. The surface morphology of the Ag layer was modified according to the annealing conditions. Depending on the surface formation of the Ag layer, the enhancement of thetransmittance was differentiated into two types. Because of a change of the surfaceplasmon (SP) mode, connected Ag clusters with coverage of 60% resulted in transmittanceenhancement over all visible wavelengths due to decreased absorption while those with coverage of 50% resulted intransmittanceenhancement with a peak shift due to increased scattering by localized SP.