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[International Journal] OLED with a controlled molecular weight of the PVK (poly(9-vinylcarbazole)) formed by a reactive ink-jet process
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S.I.Ahn , W.K.Kim , S.H.Ryu , K.J.Kim , S.E.Lee , S.-H.Kim , J.-C.Park , Kyung Cheol Choi

Organic Electronics, March , 2012


vol 13, no 6, pp 980-984

An ink-jet printing method was proposed to solve several conventional problems of ink jet process. PVK (poly(9-vinylcarbazole)) thin film was synthesized and simultaneousely patterned by the reactive ink-jet process (RIP). Gel permeation chromatography shows a linear relationship between the molecular weight of the PVK and the reaction time. The as-synthesized PVK with a controlled molecular weight was applied to an OLED device. Most of the OLED with the RIP–PVK film performed better compared to the reference OLEDs. The luminance graphs indicated the existence of a proper molecular weight leading to the optimum structural conformity which was matched well to the modified OLED structure, showing a linear relationship with the reaction time in the turn-on threshold. This result implies that one can control the proper molecular weight of a polymer and thus the electrical properties of an OLED device via the RIP method.