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[International Journal] Flexible photoluminescent display fabricated with low-temperature process using PET substrates
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C.Jang , K.J.Kim , Kyung Cheol Choi

IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, May , 2012


vol 8, no 5, pp 250-255

A flexible photoluminescent display fabricated with a low-temperature process is proposed. The fabrication temperature is a critical issue because a flexible display requires a flexible plastic film as a substrate. New fabrication methods were devised for inner components consisting of a flexible photoluminescent display. Long-term observation was used to examine the reliability of components fabricated with newly adapted fabrication methods. The electrical properties of the test panel were also analyzed for characterization of the proposed flexible photoluminescent display. Microplasma inside the test panel was successfully generated when the test panel was bent. The results of this study confirm that the proposed flexible photoluminescent display structure has reasonable potential as a platform for large-area flexible display devices.