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[International Journal] Dependency of plasmonic enhancement on the refractive index of dielectric bottom layer of Ag nanoparticles
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S.M.Lee , M.C.Kim and Kyung Cheol Choi

IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, June , 2012


vol 24, no 11, pp 882-884

We investigated the dependency of plasmon- enhanced luminescence on the refractive index of a dielectric substrate of Ag nanoparticles. We used silicon dioxide (n=1.456) and indium tin oxide (n=1.8) as bottom layers for Ag nanoparticles. Because of the extinction spectra of Ag nanoparticles under substrates with high refractive indexes, the localized surface plasmon band moved toward a longer wavelength. Asymmetric ratios for probing plasmon effects can increase in proportion to the extinction of Ag nanoparticles. By adjusting the dielectric medium connected to Ag nanoparticles, the increase of the extinction and asymmetric ratios led to enhancement of the emission intensities from Eu3+ ions.