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Wearable display

Research Concept
The development of nano-materials and fabrication technologies enables electronic devices to survive under mechanical deformation. Thus, wearable display has attracted much attention as next-generation displays for effectively connection electronic devices and humans, allowing for a wide range of applications such as health monitoring, living & home care, military, and decorative display. For the realization of wearable displays, we have studied two-track research plans: fabric-based and fiber-based wearable displays.

Research Subjects

Fabric-based wearable displays

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Fiber-based wearable displays

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stretchable display

Stretchable devices are becoming increasingly important in the fast-growing fields of wearable displays, biomedical devices and health-monitoring technology. The previous studies of stretchable devices showed fabrication of the devices using various materials and various methods. First method for fabrication of stretchable devices is using real elastic materials. For this method, instead of the existing materials, the development and introduction of new materials are needed. However, new materials, such as inorganic semiconductor nanowires and carbon nanotubes, have a new possibility, but they remain in early stages of development. Second method for fabrication of stretchable devices is introducing a new structure to use existing materials. One of these methods, we suggest that key mechanics principles, such as neutral mechanical plane configurations and serpentine geometrical designs, minimize strains in the active materials. Thus, not the invention of new materials, it is a major advantage of this study to implement a stretchable OLED by utilizing existing processes and existing materials. And then, because vapor deposition type stretchable OLED has not been announced yet, this study is a great value in the stretchable field.